TJIP interior architecture was founded in 2012 by Jakob Vyncke and Thomas Meesschaert. Based in Belgium and supported by their team, they work on residential, hospitality and project development interiors in Belgium and abroad. Because of their special bond with the sea, TJIP has already realised a considerable number of weekend residences on the Belgian coast. It allowed the team to perfect its subtle and refined approach to colour, materials and textures over the years. And while working on the connection with the sea in order to do full justice to the priceless beach views time after time, the interior architects of TJIP learned to make themselves invisible. The Belgian interior design studio excels in absence, so to speak. It’s an all defining aim and an absolute strength that has proven its added value across the span of their entire portfolio.

Jakob Vyncke

The creative process is the driving and guiding force for Jakob, and more specifically the search for harmony, balance and refinement in an interior. He prefers to do this in an authentic manner, with respect for history and craftsmanship and a sense of renewal and innovation. In addition, the functional requirements of a project and the dialogue with the client and end user also determine his work. Thus, for Jakob a “métier” becomes a passion for life and finding beauty in a harmonious kitchen or living room becomes a bliss.

Thomas Meesschaert

Thomas harbours a particular love for the North Sea. Because this place forces you to surrender to the mercy of the natural elements and blesses you with the front row seat to understanding, capturing and translating the intense experience of light, colour and texture into harmonious and tactile interiors full of subtle and sophisticated detailing. That being said, it was the ultimate motivation for Thomas to choose this place as his home.

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